Cliff's Edge

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This page was last updated during patch v1.3.1869. The current patch is v1.3.1869.


A remote SIN tower has gone offline. Investigate the site.


Reactivate offline SIN tower.

First Generator

Once the Chosen in the area have been taken out. There will be a crate with Disruptor Grenades to take down the shields on a nearby Chosen Generator. While the shield is down, there will only be a few seconds to do damage to the generator itself.

Activate Repulsor

There is a mini parkour jump up to a SIN tower, the terminal to activate the Repulsor is at the base of the SIN tower.

  • Enemies will target the sin tower that just went up and it can be destroyed.

Second Generator

A second generator is further up the path with more Chosen, and Chosen Bifold Cannons around it. When enough of them are taken out, there will be more Disruptor grenades. Take out the second generator much like the first. Waves of chosen drop pods will come down.


Once the Chosen are taken care of, use the Disruptor grenades again on the Chosen Artillery Cannon to the south-west. A drop-ship will land where the artillery was.

Unique Loot