Chosen Shock Trooper

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Chosen Shock Trooper


Chosen Shock Trooper.png


  •  Primary weapon: Chosen Assault Rifle
  •  Rolls to evade enemy fire
Found In:
  •  New Eden
  •  Devil's Tusk
  •  Sargasso Sea
  •  Antarctica
  •  Blackwater Anomaly
  •  The Amazon


Chosen Shock Troopers are one of the standard Chosen infantry units. They can be found practically anywhere Chosen units can be found, including Chosen Strike Teams, Chosen Drop Pods, and Warbringers. Shock Troopers are less specialized and versatile than other Chosen infantry units, but make up for this by appearing in greater numbers than other units like the Chosen Juggernaut. They only carry a Chosen Assault Rifle as a weapon, which has moderate damage and accuracy.

Notable Drops

  •  Health Powerups
  •  Ammo Powerups

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