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Chosen Drop Pod.png
A Drop Pod


Chosen Drop Pods are considered small-scale dynamic World Events that can occur nearly everywhere, but don't give out a proper reward.

Accord Soldier:This is Accord Copa control. Heads up. There is a Chosen Patrol in your vicinity. If you want to help the Accord out, you know how.

The patrols consist of one Chosen Drop Pod and some Chosen. The pod itself is called down by Grunt Scouts, so recently arrived pods also mean that there probably is a scout in the vicinity.

Drop Pods will kill any non-Chosen entity they land on. This includes, but is not limited to, players, LGVs, deployables, and Thumpers.


  • 150 Kill Exp (for the Drop Pod killshot)
  • random amounts of Crystite ( Melded Crystite when encountered in Melding Pockets ) and supplies