Chinajoy 2011

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Chinajoy 2011 was the third public showing of Firefall in 2011 (follwing Pax East and the Korea press event).

The Trailer[1] released for Chinajoy accompanied the announcement of a new Battleframe: the Engineer.

Also in the trailer were numerous new creatures, animations, weapons, behaviors, and locations. Some of the new things spotted in the trailer include:

  • A 'teleportation grenade' for the Recon
  • A new sidearm (which resembles a FN P90) for the Assault
  • Deployables (which are possibly handled as skills) for the Engineer, including a Turret and Force Field.
  • New colors of Aranhas, as well as what may be a new subspecies with wings.
  • A close-up of the Motorcycle-like personal transport.
  • A second type of mounted defense turret (similar to what was used to shoot down the Titan in the original gameplay trailer).
  • Numerous new environments, including an urban area, a hilly beach area, and a swamp-like jungle.