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Charge Rifle

Charge Rifle.png

"The Charge Rifle builds up energy then unleashes it on its enemies. The more energy built up the more powerful the attack."
Weapon Type Primary weapon
Damage Type Energy
Frame Restriction Raptor
Spread 0.5
Rate of Fire 250 ms/burst
Charge-Up Duration 2.5 seconds
Reload Speed 2 seconds
Magazine Size 20 ammo
Max Ammo 80
Range 215m


The Charge Rifle is the Raptor's signature weapon. It is a sniper rifle with a 4-8x zoom scope, a decent rate of fire, and low initial damage. However, the rifle has the ability to significantly increase its damage by remaining scoped in, up to approximately six times the initial damage. Charge begins building up immediately upon using the scope, but is lost after every shot or unscoping. Being a sniper rifle, the Charge Rifle deals double damage on a critical hit, deals a small amount of splash damage to surrounding enemies on a kill, and can hit multiple enemies if lined up. Additionally, the Charge Rifle's shots penetrate shields such as those used by the Chosen Engineer.

Additionally, the Charge Rifle interacts with the Raptor's skills. Hitting a shot while zoomed in grants a stack of electrical charge for the Conduit passive, and Overload must be used with the Charge Rifle. If the Charge Rifle is not equipped, it is arcfolded to the Raptor for the duration of the skill.

Scope Secondary Fire

  • 2.2x - 5.6x zoom, adjustable with the scroll wheel.
  • Reduces movement speed.
  • Gives perfect accuracy.
  • Scoping in begins the charging process.

Affected By Perks


  • The Charge Rifle is similar to the Sniper's sniper rifle from Team Fortress 2.

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