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"Brontodons are typically peaceful creatures, but are certainly not afraid to defend themselves or their herd. The Accord recommends to not trifle with these creatures unless heavily armed." Common Brontodons are commonly found throughout the plains in New Eden, while those adapted for the cold can be found in Antarctica. They are very large creatures visually similar to elephants, but with much shorter trunks and large armored plates and spikes. Most Brontodons can be found roaming in herds of various sizes, making it rare to encounter lone Brontodons. The name 'Brontodon' literally means 'Thunder Tooth', likely a reference to their large tusks and incredible strength.

Brontodons did not evolve naturally, instead only coming into existence due to genetic engineering. They were originally designed to be large, docile sources of meat that required little care. They are commonly used as a food source due to the massive amount of meat in their bodies, but attempting to kill a single Brontodon can be deadly due to their large size and armored bodies.

Brontodons found in New Eden will generally ignore players and other creatures. However, they will attack if angered, making it dangerous to engage in firefights around herds. The Wooly Brontodons found in Antarctica, however, are aggressive creatures that will attack on sight.

Official Description[1]

The brontodon is a huge roaming herbivore who grazes alone or in very small groups. It has a prehensile upper-lip which it uses to pluck low-growing vegetation, short forelimbs and thick folded skin about its body. Its most discernible feature is a series of rounded dorsal plates and dull bony knobs which adorn its spine. These provide some measure of defense from other predators.

Brontodons are not overly aggressive but they are territorial and can become quickly riled up. There are well-documented cases of brontodons using their tusks to flip entire vehicles over. They also have a devastating stomp attack. As the beast has no means of attacking ranged, mercenaries are advised to attack from a distance.

The brontodons are the first of what the locals call the aberrações modificadas—-the modified freaks. They were genetically engineered during the Nine Year Winter, before the arrival of the Melding. As resources became scarcer and scarcer, cattle and other sources of meat were tagged so they could be more easily tracked and controlled. Eventually the captains of industry decided a different approach had to be taken. The brontodon was designed by splicing genetic material between three different species, resulting in an animal with as much meat as twelve cattle. Not surprisingly, this accounts for why the Accord refer to them as an MRU-—meal ready unit. A single brontodon can feed an entire brigade for one meal…provided they can bring it down. Their thick skin and armor plates can provide a serious challenge.

It should also be noted that the Chosen have recently been thinning the brontodon population for unknown reasons. The carcass remains that have been found have been completely eviscerated.

In-game Behavior

Brontodons are normally peaceful, ignoring players and NPCs until injured by attacks. Once injured, they will engage the source of the attack until its target is either dead or evacuated from the area. This applies to NPCs as well, meaning that Brontodons may inadvertently help with Chosen attacks or thumping jobs when injured by a non-player entity. When a Brontodon decides to step in, best to stay out of its way!

Brontodons have three styles of attack:

  • The first is an upward tusk sweep, dealing large amounts of damage and launching the target into the air.
  • The second is preceded by a stomp of its front legs, stabbing its tusks into the ground, followed by a tusk sweep that launches a boulder at the target.
  • The third is a charge forward, thrashing its tusks from side to side, dealing considerable damage.


With their incredible stamina, armor, and powerful damage-dealing, Brontodons are quite formidable when provoked.

Observant hunters will note that they have a small vulnerable spot on the back of the neck; a 'chink' in the armor. Taking advantage of this critical spot can help to bring the beast down relatively quickly. This technique can be tricky if taking one down alone since Brontodons seem to prefer a "face to face" combat style.

Aside from the gap in the dorsal plating, the best way to bring down one of these behemoths is to aim for the other armor gaps around the shoulders and head.

Clever combatants may be able to reflect shots into its vulnerable underbelly as well.

Types and Subspecies

Young Brontodon
Young Brontodon
Elder Brontodon
Elder Brontodon
Herdmaster Brontodon
Herdmaster Brontodon

Ancient Brontodon
Ancient Brontodon
Wooly Brontodon
Wooly Brontodon