Blood Sucker Bait

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This is a mission on the Broken Shores Job Board


Blood Suckers Part II - The culex population continues to threaten Broken Shores. Sergeant Wilcox wants to use bait to get to the source of the swarm.


  • Meet with Sergeant Wilcox
  • Meet with Spicy Al
  • Collect Bait From aranha Pods
    • Activate 5 Targets
    • Eliminate 20 Hostiles
  • Check Traps for Game
    • Activate 6 Targets
    • Eliminate 6 Hostiles
  • Meet with Spicy Al
  • Place Bait in Culex Lairs
    • Activate 3 Targets
    • Eliminate 1 Hostile
  • Meet with Sergeant Wilcox


  • Chance Item
  • XP ~63000
  • +3000 rep
  • 1x Copper Vending Token
  • 18x Broken Shores Voucher
  • Crystite