Blackwater Swamp

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This page was last updated during patch v0.7.1683. The current patch is v1.3.1869.

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Blackwater Harvester.png
One of the 3 Harvesters


Blackwater is a PvP map played with the Harvester gametype. It supports 8v8 games, filling them up to 12v12. Since release of game till current time arena PvP has been disabled. Arena PvP is expected in the near future.


Set deep inland within the continent, the Blackwater Marsh is home to three large harvesters. These constructs collect gallium gas from beneath the surface, a resource which is invaluable in the process of converting seed-crystite into crystite-energy. Due to the commodity value of this element, this backwoods region attracts the most unsavory of individuals, and the Accord struggles to maintain control against independant crime syndicates.

Nostromo has committed to regular aerial supply drops, but more often than not, these boosts fall into the wrong hands. Tourists are advised NOT to visit. Rescue dropships are not available.


  • spawn locations (1 & 2) at the western and eastern border of the map
  • the 3 harversters A (south-west), B (north) and C (south-east)
  • the Boost-Unit drop location in the middle, in front of the overgrown thumper

Control Points

  • there are three control points (A, B and C) and each point sits in a harvester in the form of a computer terminal
  • a terminal will shield itself after beeing captured and will go idle if the shield is destroyed (making it easy to disturb enemy harvesting progress)
  • the harvesting can be boosted by a great amount with the help of the Boost-Unit, that is dropped every 2:30 minutes (take the unit to a friendly terminal to activate)
  • destroying the shield of an enemy terminal will give a temporary damage boost (50%)