Blackwater Anomaly

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Blackwater Anomaly


First located by Doctor Mitra Bathsheba, the Anomaly is in the remote Blackwater Swamp and is thought to be the weapon which destroyed Dredge and allowed the Melding to overrun Sertao. It's true purpose and design, however, remain unknown. Gathering intelligence on the Anomaly is a top priority for the Accord.

Blackwater Anomaly (also called BWA or Mission 8) is an instanced mission that unlocks through the normal storeline missions when the player first gets a Battleframe to level 24. All 7 prior missions must have been completed to access the instance. This mission represents the finale of the Devilhawks storyline.

The Encounter

Defend the Generators

Your ship crash lands leaving you stranded in Blackwater, you fire up two generators to get a repulsor called down, and have to defend them until they stop spawning and are all dead. This pushes back the melding and opens up three routes.

Western/Central/Eastern Siphon Destroyed

After the repulsor has been defended there will be 3 pillars siphoning energy from the earth.

Most people choose to take down the west pillar first, however, often go east first to grab an imprint for the achievements.To take down a pillar first shoot the part shooting the beam into the earth. after that fly in, destroy the chosen hearts and get away from the tower.

Blackwater Anomaly Recovered

After the pillars have been destroyed the final goal becomes available, the anomaly itself. there are 3 devices projecting a beam to it, interact with these devices to lower the anomaly and grab it.

Escaped Blackwater

After the anomaly has been taken you'll want to run, Oilspill will drop 3 glider pads on a ledge, use them and glide back to the repulsor. Enter Oilspill's dropship to escape the anomaly.



  • Blackwater Anomaly - Recover the blackwater Anomaly
  • Imprints of Blackwater Anomaly - Find all 5 of the SIN imprints in Blackwater Anomaly
  • My name is Hendrix Lake - find all 5 of the SIN imprints in blackwater during a single run 20 times
  • Wings of War - Succesfully escape Blackwater Anomaly
  • Blackwater Blitz - Successfully escape Blackwater Anomaly within 25 minutes of interacting with the repulsor terminal with no one dying


Entry into Blackwater

Aero: "The Accord has been monitoring an anomaly within the melding for some time. Further, we have recieved intel from the surivors in Dredge about what destroyed Sertao. Consul Nostromo believes the two are related."
Aero: "A little over 3 weeks ago six dropships were sent to find the source of the Anomaly. They didn't make it back."
Aero: "Our mission is to find the anomaly and bring actionable intelligence back to Trans Hub for analysis."
Aero: "Trans Hub is arc'ing in a second melding repulsor just ahead of us."
Aero: "The repulsor will also set up a small SIN array. It will be very limited, but it should help us see what is out there."
Aero: "I will monitor SIN and the repulsor from here."

Activating the Repulsor

Aero: "Once you activate the repulsor, it will take 3 minutes to fully charge. While it is charging you will have to protect it."
Aero: "Remember - defend the repulsor."
Aero: "We will never find the anomaly without it."
Aero: "Almost there - one more minute"
Aero: "Only 30 seconds left."
Aero: "Only 10 seconds left!"

Push Back the Melding

Aero: "It worked! The melding is moving back."
Aero: "Hang on a second. Do you hear that?"
Aero: "What is that?"
Aero: "There are 3 massive objects ahead of us."
Aero: "Putting them on SIN."
Aero: "They... I don't know how else to put it... are feeding, siphoning energy from the ground."
Aero: "The siphons aren't much further"
Aero: "Trans Hub needs to know what is happening here."

The Siphons

Aero: "Ai, meu Deus do ceu!"
Aero: "Oh my God."
Aero: "Be careful. There are Chosen everywhere."

Approaching the first siphon:

Aero: "The Objects are definitely siphoning energy."
Aero: "We need to shut down that beam."
Aero: "See if you can get inside."
Aero: "The chamber is becoming unstable."
Aero: "Move! Get out of there!"
Aero: "We did it, and not a moment too soon."
Aero: "Let's keep moving. There are still two more of those things out there."

At the second siphon:

Aero: "I have a visual on the second object."
Aero: "It is heavily guarded, Boss. So, be careful."
Aero: "There is still too much interference for me to get a good read on what the chains are doing and why."
Aero: "We must put a stop to this. The Chosen cannot be allowed to have this kind of power."
Aero: "It's coming apart! Get out of there!"
Aero: "I'm detecting a significant increase in power output from the last siphon."
Aero: "We need to hurry."

Nearing the third siphon

Aero: "I have a visual on the next siphon. Approach and Destroy."
Aero: "Take it out!"
Aero: "It's becoming unstable. Get out of there."

Hi, my name is...

Aero: "There's nothing."
Aero: "I don't know if I can get another repulsor in from New Eden."
Aero: "I - I think we're stuck."
Aero: "Something is invading SIN."
Unknown: "Children. Welcome."
Unknown: "You are so very far from home."
Unknown: "Why? What is it you think you will find here?"
Unknown: "There is a story I remember - from before. The Wolf and the Goat."
Aero: "He's trying to distract us."
Unknown: "It seems apt somehow."
Aero: "Ignore him, and let's get what we came for."
Aero: "I'm putting the coordinates for the anomaly on SIN. Remember our objective: Find the source and bring it back to Trans hub."
Aero: "Focus on the mission. Find the anomaly."
Unknown: "Very apt."

Uphill, Both Ways

Unknown: "I can see now that you are not by children, but you are lost."
Unknown: "And you will never be found."
Unknown: "Such a waste."
Aero: "Deus esta o luz do meu caminho. I think we found our anomaly."
Unknown: "There is nothing anomalous here. All is as it should be."
Aero: "What the hell is that?"
Aero: "It's... generating Melding."
Aero: "We have to find a way to stop it!"

Anomaly Recovered

Aero: "Grab it, and let's get out of here."
Aero: "We need to get the anomaly back to Trans Hub."
Unknown: "I have a request - before you go."
Aero: "Ignore him. Move!"
Unknown: "When you see the Admiral - if you see Nostromo - ask him hwo the world appears from the hole in which he has thrown himself."
Unknown: "Here is the truth of it - If he would allow himself to see - everything would appear as it is - Infinite - Singular."
Unknown: "Nostromo has walled himself in, till he sees everything through narrow dark slits he has hacked into his own grave."
Aero: "The SIN array is collapsing. We have to get out, now."
Oilspill: "YEAHHHHH!!!!! I made it."
Oilspill: "I'm leaving some party gifts for you just ahead."
Oilspill: "You get a move on. I'll get Aero."
Unknown: "I see the Four-fold Man - Humanity in deadly sleep - it's fallen Emanation, the Spectre and its cruel Shadow. I see the Past, Present and Future existing all at once Before me."
Unknown: "Nostromo - all of you - will be made to understand. You are a vestigial species. An evolutionary tangent."
Unknown: "We will carve you out of this world and erase any sign you were ever here."
Unknown: "And, when you have never been we will consume this reality and reweave the fibers of existence. For, we are Chosen. You are nothing. Closed and blind. Worthless. Forsaken!"
Aero: "Hurry, we have to get the anomaly to the Accord!"
Oilspill: "Let's get the hell out of here, first, darlin'."


Oilspill: "Well, that sure as hell wasn't pretty, but, uh, any landing you can walk away from - right?"
Aero: "I just hope the Accord can make sense of it all."
Oilspill: "I'll drop our new toy off at Trans Hub so the white coat crowd can give it the once over."
Aero: "I'll let you know what they find out, boss."