Bio Needler

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This page was last updated during patch v1.3.1861. The current patch is v1.3.1869.
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Bio Needler

Bio Needler.png

"The Bio Needler is a barrage of small projectiles with a small drop over long distances."
Weapon Type Primary weapon
Damage Type Poison
Frame Restriction Biotech
Spread 1
Rate of Fire 150 ms/burst
Reload Speed 1.2 seconds
Magazine Size 50 ammo
Max Ammo 350
Range 150m


The Bio Needler is the Accord Biotech's signature weapon. Its primary fire launches a steady stream of needles that deal moderate damage with a low spread. The primary fire can score critical hits. Its secondary fire launches five lower damage needles at once, similar to a Shotgun.

Needle Shotgun Secondary Fire

  • Poison damage type.
  • Fires five needles at once in a random pattern.
  • Each needle does slightly less than the primary fire.

Crafted Variations

Bio Injector

The Bio Injector fires lethal needles that deal poison damage to enemies upon impact, as well as applying poison damage over time. The secondary fire of this weapon fires needles that apply a heal over time to friendlies

  • "The Bio Injector fires chemical-laced darts which damage targets over time. Alt-Fire uses chemical compounds which heal allies."
  • Base rate of fire is 300 ms/burst.
  • Base magazine size is 20 ammo.
  • Base maximum ammo is 140.

Noxious Needler

Using Poison Glands during crafting changes the weapon into the Noxious Needler, which replaces the secondary fire with Plague Blaster. Enemies hit by the secondary fire become debuffed, increasing the damage they take from all sources by a percentage. This effect also spreads to any other enemies near the affected target.

  • "Bio Needler, built with a toxin-laced secondary fire."
  • Base rate of fire is 140 ms/burst.
  • Plague Blaster debuff is 10% extra damage taken by the target.
  • Base splash radius is 5m.

Affected By Perks

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