Bio Crossbow

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Bio Crossbow

Bio Crossbow.png

"The BioCrossbow fires a slow firing bolt that has a soft drop over long distances. Its altfire fires grenades that explode and leave lasting clouds of toxins."
Weapon Type Primary weapon
Damage Type Poison
Frame Restriction Recluse
Rate of Fire 750 ms/burst
Alt-Fire Splash Radius 4m
Reload Speed 1.2 seconds
Magazine Size 12 ammo
Max Ammo 100
Range 150m


The Bio Crossbow is the Recluse's signature weapon. Its primary fire launches a fast traveling bolt that deals moderate-to-high damage and has a slight arc, with spread from the aiming point only apparent at significant target distance. Its secondary fire launches a gas grenade that has very noticeable arc. The grenade deals moderate initial damage in a small area of effect around its point of impact, then leaves behind a cloud of poison that deals additional damage over time. Only the primary fire can critically hit.

Poison Grenade Secondary Fire

  • Poison damage type
  • Slower travel speed, very significant arc
  • Hits everything in range of the projectile when it lands, for roughly half the damage of the primary fire.
  • Leaves behind a poison cloud that does additional damage to targets that pass through it.
  • The cloud causes a short DoT (Damage over Time) that is applied and refreshed while within the cloud, and continues to do damage for a few seconds after leaving the cloud.
  • Very difficult but possible to critically hit
  • Damages user if they are within or enter the area of effect, both for the initial impact damage and the residual poison cloud DoT.

Affected By Perks

Primary Weapons
Assault Plasma Cannon - Thermal Cannon - Fusion Cannon
Biotech Bio Needler - Bio Rifle - Bio Crossbow
Dreadnaught Heavy MG - Light MG - Heavy Plasma MG - Heavy Laser MG
Engineer Tesla Rifle - Sticky Grenade Launcher - Shock Rail
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