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Very Large

  •  Health: 1.5 million
  •  Meldingmatter Shield - prevents all incoming damage
  •  Melding Spikes Attack - AoE that hits all targets in an indicated ring ( hits up to 26 meters above and below Baneclaw's position )
  •  Hellclaw spawning - spawns Hellclaws with 12500 HP
  •  Melding Dome - Players are unable to leave the dome
Found In:
  •  Devil's Tusk


The Baneclaw is a boss encounter that requires the players to be in a platoon (10 - 20 players). All players in the platoon need to have completed The Baneclaw ARES Job in Kanaloa Research Station to have access. The Platoon-leader can start the encounter at the Armored Dropship in Crossroads Station.

When the fight starts, Baneclaw generates a huge "Melding Dome" (~50m radius), which can't be left or shot through, and players that die will be unable to respawn unless either the team is victorious, or everyone dies and the encounter is reset.

Its attack patterns include a smashing attack that unleashes area of effect damage in a range of about 5m from Baneclaw, an impenetrable Meldingmatter Shield that lasts for about 20 seconds, summoning multiple Hellclaws, summoning melding crystals to impale you from underneath the ground (1m diameter AoE), and summoning melding instant-kill fields in rings around itself.

Notable Drops

  •  2-3 "bane" type items

Rare Loot Drops:

  • Baneclaw Brain Bucket

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