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Icon battleframe accord assault.png
Accord Assault Battleframe
Accord assault front.png
Name Accord Assault
Manufacturer Accord
Classification Assault
Designation A-6
Specialty frame? No
Base HP 1100 HP
Base energy 300 energy
Base energy recharge
Base run speed 7.00 m/s
Base jump height x mwarning.png"x m" is not a number.
Primary weapon Plasma Cannon
Ability 1 Crater
Ability 2 Afterburner
Ability 3 Overcharge
Hyper-Kinesis Module Shockwave

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The Accord Assault Battleframe is the standard combat chassis for the Accord Military.[1] Designed to balance mobility and firepower, the Accord is equipped with a Plasma Cannon that discharges concentrated plasma energy that detonates on impact.

  • Title: Vapor Trail
Version 3.1 of the Accord Assault Battleframe is a formidable force on the battlefield. Its twin crystite reaction cores provide huge amounts of power to its blast oriented weapon system and ability modules. Consul Nostromo is quoted as calling the Assault Battleframe is the “Spear of the Accord.”
Many frame operators make this their first frame to master, since there is no better Battleframe when brute force or a decisive frontal attack is called for.
Though larger than most other military grade battleframes, the Assault unites its heavy-duty, duel crystite cores with industrial servo actuators to make it one of the fastest MEKs in history. Often paired with highly lethal armaments, Assault frames are commonly used as vanguards, driving wedges in enemy lines and opening up lanes of attack for allies using more specialized frames.
The preferred weapon of most Assault operators is the plasma cannon. The plasma cannon takes advantage of an inductive magnetic field that channels and accelerates plasma at the enemy, detonating with explosive force at the point of impact. This method allows the assault to easily pick out targets from the air before finishing the job on the ground.
Contributing to its air superiority is a series of powerful abilities including Crater – a module that uses the Assault’s kinetic energy to transform a standard energy shield into an explosive shockwave as the frame impacts with the ground.
Afterburner is a module that releases the battleframe’s charged energy into a forward speed burst, giving the Assault unparalleled speed when moving on enemy targets.
Acting as a bridge between battleframe and weapon is Missile Shot which floods the plasma cannon with energy, turning its next projectile into a high velocity shot.
A well piloted Assault Battleframe is a terror on the battlefield. Capable of quickly launching into combat and dishing out a punishing attack, this popular frame will always have a place in every operator’s loadout. [2]

Usable Modules


  • Afterburner - "Engage Afterburners, granting a brief burst of speed"
  • Bombs Away - "The Assault deploys a barrage of bombs, damaging targets in the area of effect."
  • Burn Jets - "Activate Burn Jets, allowing the Assault to hover over the ground. Enemies underneath the jets are damaged."
  • Cannonball Afterburner - "Cannonball lauches the Assualt for a short period, knocking aside any enemies you contact"
  • Crater - "Death from above! The Assault jumps into the air and descends on targets, impacting the ground. Enemies near the impact point are damaged based on distance traveled"
  • Overcharge - "Overcharge all offensive systems, briefly increasing rate of fire and granting unlimited ammo."
  • Shielded Crater - "Shielded Crater's shield bubble slightly reduces the radius of the impact, but protects the Assault"

Hyper-Kinesis Modules

  • Shockwave - "The Assault unleashes a massive burst of energy in a frontal wave, dealing high damage to multiple targets"

Perk Unlocks

Basic/Frame Unlock/Passive
(cost 1 perk points)
Basic/Level 10
(cost 1 perk points)
Intermediate/Level 20
(cost 2 perk points)
Advanced/Level 30
(cost 5 perk points)
Master/Level 40
(cost 8 perk points)
Icon perk basic neutralizer.png Neutralizer Icon perk achievement chosen hunter.png Chosen Hunter Icon battleframe assault.png Accord Assault Icon perk passive assault nanites.png Assault Nanites Icon perk basic quick-flexing servos.png Quick-Flexing Servos Icon perk intermediate plasma enthusiast.png Plasma Enthusiast Icon perk advanced invigorate.png Invigorate Icon perk master second wind.png Second Wind
Icon perk basic incalescent armor.png Incalescent Armor Icon perk achievement agile.png Agile Icon battleframe biotech.png Accord Biotech Icon perk passive siphoning unit.png Siphoning Unit Icon perk basic persistence.png Persistence Icon perk intermediate bio blending.png Bio Blending Icon perk advanced catalytic poisons.png Catalytic Poisons Icon perk master toxic finale.png Toxic Finale
Icon perk basic powered armor.png Powered Armor Icon perk achievement trickster.png Trickster Icon battleframe dreadnaught.png Accord Dreadnaught Icon perk passive resilient plating.png Resilient Plating Icon perk basic get a move on.png Get a Move On Icon perk intermediate knockout.png Knockout Icon perk advanced deflection plating.png Deflection Plating Icon perk master hellbent.png Hellbent
Icon perk basic kinetic absorption.png Kinetic Absorption Icon perk achievement chaotic melding.png Chaotic Melding Icon battleframe engineer.png Accord Engineer Icon perk passive repairing nanites.png Repairing Nanites Icon perk basic fuel injectors.png Fuel Injectors Icon perk intermediate resonating shields.png Resonating Shields Icon perk advanced mounted firepower.png Mounted Firepower Icon perk master hyper kinesis surge.png Hyper Kinesis Surge
Icon perk basic sprinter.png Sprinter Icon perk achievement melding corruption.png Melding Corruption Icon battleframe recon.png Accord Recon Icon perk passive recon nanites.png Recon Nanites Icon perk basic head hunter.png Head Hunter Icon perk intermediate sin precision.png SIN Precision Icon perk advanced tactician.png Tactician Icon perk master energy spikes.png Energy Spikes
Icon perk basic prototype pistons.png Prototype Pistons Icon battleframe firecat.png Firecat Icon perk passive incinerator.png Incinerator Icon perk basic collateral analytics.png Collateral Analytics Icon perk intermediate epicenter.png Epicenter Icon perk intermediate extinguisher.png Extinguisher Icon perk advanced corpse combustion.png Corpse Combustion Icon perk master flame buffer.png Flame Buffer
Icon perk basic fast hands.png Fast Hands Icon battleframe tigerclaw.png Tigerclaw Icon perk passive auxiliary tanks.png Auxiliary Tanks Icon perk basic quick hands.png Quick Hands Icon perk intermediate quick-pivot servos.png Quick-Pivot Servos Icon perk intermediate plasma scoops.png Plasma Scoops Icon perk advanced eye of the tiger.png Eye of the Tiger Icon perk master hunter.png Hunter
Icon perk basic micro melding repulsor.png Micro Melding Repulsor Icon battleframe dragonfly.png Dragonfly Icon perk passive rally.png Rally Icon perk basic bio reserves.png Bio Reserves Icon perk intermediate frequent patient.png Frequent Patient Icon perk intermediate melding converter.png Melding Converter Icon perk advanced combat medic.png Combat Medic Icon perk master auto-repair.png Auto-Repair
Icon perk basic antifreeze nanogel.png Antifreeze Nanogel Icon battleframe recluse.png Recluse Icon perk passive necrotic poison.png Necrotic Poison Icon perk basic virus.png Virus Icon perk intermediate necrotic bite.png Necrotic Bite Icon perk intermediate ventilator.png Ventilator Icon perk advanced potent toxins.png Potent Toxins Icon perk master anatomy lessons.png Anatomy Lessons
Icon battleframe arsenal.png Arsenal Icon perk passive munitions.png Munitions Icon perk basic combat veteran.png Combat Veteran Icon perk intermediate stopping power.png Stopping Power Icon perk intermediate insulated armor.png Insulated Armor Icon perk advanced fully loaded.png Fully Loaded Icon perk master explosives expert.png Explosives Expert
Icon battleframe mammoth.png Mammoth Icon perk passive imminent threat.png Imminent Threat Icon perk basic harden.png Harden Icon perk intermediate shields up.png Shields Up Icon perk intermediate thick skull.png Thick Skull Icon perk advanced thick hide.png Thick Hide Icon perk master health surge.png Health Surge
Icon battleframe rhino.png Rhino Icon perk passive personal shield.png Personal Shield Icon perk basic back in action.png Back in Action Icon perk intermediate stampede.png Stampede Icon perk intermediate self-cleaning servos.png Self-Cleaning Servos Icon perk advanced kill stealer.png Kill Stealer Icon perk master hero.png Hero
Icon battleframe bastion.png Bastion Icon perk passive overseer.png Overseer Icon perk basic hardware genius.png Hardware Genius Icon perk intermediate resilient alloys.png Resilient Alloys Icon perk intermediate reactive armor.png Reactive Armor Icon perk advanced sentient armor.png Sentient Armor Icon perk master deployable repulsor.png Deployable Repulsor
Icon battleframe electron.png Electron Icon perk passive dynamic relay.png Dynamic Relay Icon perk basic combustion boost.png Combustion Boost Icon perk intermediate augmented shield generators.png Augmented Shield Generators Icon perk intermediate magnetic shielding.png Magnetic Shielding Icon perk advanced high yield capacitors.png High Yield Capacitors Icon perk master rapid kinesis assemblage.png Rapid Kinesis Assemblage
Icon battleframe nighthawk.png Nighthawk Icon perk passive ambush.png Ambush Icon perk basic ballistics expert.png Ballistics Expert Icon perk intermediate spec. ops.png Spec. Ops Icon perk intermediate sin ice.png SIN ICE Icon perk advanced sure shot.png Sure Shot Icon perk master concussion shells.png Concussion Shells
Icon battleframe raptor.png Raptor Icon perk passive conduit.png Conduit Icon perk basic grenadier.png Grenadier Icon perk intermediate physicist.png Physicist Icon perk intermediate feedback circuits.png Feedback Circuits Icon perk advanced energy shaping.png Energy Shaping Icon perk master arcing bolts.png Arcing Bolts


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