Arming The Locals

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This page was last updated during patch v1.2.1843. The current patch is v1.3.1869.
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This is a mission on the Shanty Town Job Board


Local provocateur, Zellic, is whipping up political unrest due to a feeling of abandonment by the Accord. ARES must help arm the locals.


  • Meet with the Locals
    • Speak with 3 Angry Citizens
  • Find Zellick
  • Meet with Lt. Sharpe
  • Loot Weapon Crates at the Battlefield
    • Activate 5 Targets
    • Eliminate 5 Hostiles
  • Kill Hissers for their Carapace
    • Eliminate 10Hissers
    • Activate 10 Objectives
  • Return to Zellick