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Using a process created by Dr. Mitra Batsheba, Arcfolding is (as quoted from Aris Holden's historical journal):

"... a means of using high levels of energy to fold time and space in on itself, effectively creating a wormhole capable of transporting matter large distances in a matter of seconds. Early forms of arcfolding required massive amounts of energy to transport relatively small objects only a few kilometers away. As the technology was further developed, arcfolding could be accomplished with larger, more complex materials and sent farther distances. However, it quickly reached a technological plateau, becoming notoriously unreliable in its accuracy."


Arcfolders are devices that allows the user to transfer in certain location. Temporary Arcfolders will spawn for certain quests to transport players or items. Permanent Arcfolders can be found at certain locations in the persistent world that serve to transport players from area to area.

Arcfold Modulators

Devices used to configure Arcfolder for transferring in certain direction.

Known Arcfold Modulators:

More detail to come later