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Apotheosis is a Prototype purple Ability Module acquired by completing the Genesis achievement in Amazon Warzone. It provides a small boost to a large variety of stats in addition to charging the player's Hyper-Kinesis Module whenever the ability the module is slotted into is used.

Bonuses and Flavor Text

  • Slightly increases all ability attributes
  • When you activate the ability this module is slotted into, you gain 10% HKM Charge. This effect may not occur more than once every six seconds.

Slightly singed, but still functional. A small label reading "13" is stuck onto the module's surface, somewhat obscured by an old bloodstain.

Base Stats

Level and Rarity Power Rating Recharge Range Potency Max Deployed Force Duration Charge Speed AOE Item Level
40 Epic 23 15 15 15 1 15 13 8 13 46