Antidote Injectors

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This page was last updated during patch v1.1.1833. The current patch is v1.3.1869.
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This is a mission on the Copacabana Job Board


Ratchet has an idea for putting together some makeshift injectors to suppress the local onslaught of the aranha toxin.


  • Meet with Rachtet
  • Aranha Nest Location
    • Activate 3 Aranha Pods
    • Eliminate 8 hostiles (Aranha)
  • Travel to the Trash Heaps
    • Activate 5 Garbage Piles
  • Return to Rachtet


  • Chance Item
  • XP
  • 1x Copper Vending Token
  • +2268 Copacabana Reputation
  • +227 Accord Reputation
  • Crystite