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Name Orestes Nostromo
Affiliation Accord
Location Trans-Hub Command

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Orestes Nostromo was a Greek-born veteran of the Crystite Wars. Described by Aris Holden as a national hero of the European Union, Nostromo was eventually promoted to the rank of Admiral, and appointed to the position of military overseer on the CMS Arclight by the Centauri Accord.[1]Admiral Nostromo survived the crash of the Arclight, however his family (wife Emilia and son Filipe) did not. He now leads the Accord against the Chosen in order to save humanity and avenge his family.

His name seems to be a combination of references to the Greek mythological character Orestes, and the novel Nostromo

Crystite Wars

Nostromo was born in Athens, Greece shortly before the Firefall event. On holiday in London with his father at the beginning of Firefall, Nostromo was unable to return to Greece while it was conquered by Russia. Upon his eighteenth birthday, he joined the European Union Military in hopes of freeing his homeland and was stationed aboard the E.U.S. Morningstar as a bomb-chaser. Piloting an F-85 Remora, Nostromo made a name for himself in the war, personally participating in the liberation of Athens.[2]

CMS Arclight

After the discovery of Alpha Prime, Nostromo was stationed aboard the CMS Arclight for its maiden voyage. It it unknown if he was still stationed there during its crash.[3]


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