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Up to date ADDON INDEX

The Up to date ADDON INDEX is located here :

{ADDON INDEX} Current Addons, Mods and Dev Resources

Wiki version of ADDON INDEX (in progress)

(mod) = Anything marked with this modifies or replaces Red5's game files instead of just adding new files like other addons. Because of this mods are more likely to break with patches and it is usually recommended to save a backup copy of the game files that they replace. If you use Meldii this is automatically done for you.

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Addon Installation

This is a list of addon projects so far (may not be complete):

Extract the ZIP file into: ..\Firefall\system\gui\components\MainUI

Addon List (41)

Name Categorie Author Description Comp. Patch checked Last check Meldii support
Game Clock Clocks thanto_ Shows the in-world time on hud Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/07 Partial(3)
KFCharges Combat Kiradien Kiradien's Flowing Charge can track and display the Raptor Conduit perk stacks Yes v1.3.1869 2015/06/25 Yes
Weapon Range Combat Hanachi Show the distance from you to an object Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/12 Partial(2)
AutoRefine Crafting Reddeyfish Auto-refine materials when you interact with the printer, with many options Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/15 Partial(4)
Printer DataLink : Triage Edition Crafting LoPhatKao Shows the time left for crafting on your HUD from anywhere Yes v1.3.1869 2015/04/30 Yes
Hit Harder Damage \ Kill afterfriday A damage meter on boss who can compare damage between players Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/30 Yes
KillCounter (use this version) Damage \ Kill parasite64 Counts your kills and your group members kills Yes v1.3.1869 2015/06/25 Yes
Airii Dropships \ LGVs \ Gliders Arkii Creates in-world panels at Dropship Pads to check the status of known dropships Yes v1.3.1869 2015/04/30 Yes
Glide-O-Meter Dropships \ LGVs \ Gliders TuffGhost Little speedometer/altimeter/tripmeter/compass for gliding Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/10 Yes
Boing! LFG Group vDepth Looking For Group service that helps you find groups for raids or other objectives Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/07 Yes
Boing! LFG with leader column Group Mark Zima Boing! LFG with a extra leader column Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/07 Partial(3)
FriendSend Group Hanachi Allows you to chat to all of your online friends with just one command Yes v1.3.1869 2015/06/04 Partial(1)
Inspector Group Mark Zima Shows frame loadouts for the whole squad/platoon Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/10 Yes
Platoon Count Group Reddeyfish Don't count anymore. Show the number of people in your group on hud Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/07 Partial(2)
LootRoller Looting \ Salvaging vDepth Lets you set custom options for automatic loot rolling Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/11 Yes
Scrapii Looting \ Salvaging Arkii An auto-salvager with a lot of options available Yes v1.3.1869 2015/06/25 Yes
OmniTrack Loot Stats \ XP Stats Hanachi Tracks loot and stuff on a hud Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/04 Partial(1)
Simple XP Tracker (use this version) Loot Stats \ XP Stats Cush Track the XP you have earned in your current session Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/08 Yes
Machine Roller Machine Roller Sexy Steak ! Quickly auto-roll vending machine tokens and display total loot Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/10 Partial(7)
Modified SexiSteak's Machine Roller Machine Roller Tamosheik Modified SexiSteak's Machine Roller to upload roll results to the FHQ database Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/10 No
EagleEye~ Map \ Waypoints SuZume~ Set marks on players nearby you, with many options, including auto marking Mentors and R5 staff Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/15 Yes
HeadsUp!2 Map \ Waypoints byjymys Gives you waypoints for many useful things, including hidden ones Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/15 Yes
LinkDistance Map \ Waypoints SivilAkadi When someone links coords in chat, this tells you in chat how far and where it is Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/19 Yes
Visible Coordinates Map \ Waypoints Hanachi Adds coordinates to the HUD Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/02 Partial(3)
BuyMarket - a market with listed buy orders Marketplace \ Currency Exchange Reddeyfish Add a column on the market ui with order prices Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/03 Yes
Personal Arcporter Queue \ Restriction \ Travel MadWarrior Campaign queue, Mission queue, Zone transit and Raid queue from any location Yes v1.3.1869 2015/04/30 Yes
Unlocks (Triage) Queue \ Restriction \ Travel Nalin Display raid unlock timers Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/19 Yes
Repii - Sortable Faction List Reputation Arkii Add a sort option on the faction ui Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/02 Yes
SlashRep Reputation Reddeyfish Allows you to use slash command to check your reputations Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/16 Yes
Reticulator Reticles thiconZ Many styles of reticles Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/15 Partial(1)
Illuminated Focal Plane Reticule Reticles Lemon King An illiminated reticule Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/27 No
Thumper Monitor (use this version) Thumper Granite HUD Thumper status tracker Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/07 Yes
ThumperBorders Thumper vDepth Marks the unthumpable area around other thumpers on your map Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/07 Yes
AddonSlashMenu User Interface (UI) CSteel22 Display a menu with slash commands you need, including from other addons Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/21 Partial(5)
Ammo Hud User Interface (UI) Malvenom Display current ammo clip on a moveable frame, similar to energy and health bar Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/08 Partial(5)
Item Limit User Interface (UI) chrupcion2o Displays your inventory count and limit on your HUD UI Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/21 Yes
(Mod) Field Report User Interface (UI) AmicusFIN Skip the loading bar on playtime reward Yes v1.3.1869 2015/06/19 No
Firefall Explorer~ User Interface (UI) SuZume~ A in-game navigator and a links manager Yes v1.3.1869 2015/06/19 Yes
Mercenary Log User Interface (UI) lunaspelle A remote Job Board access, with a Restart/Abandon job functionnality Yes v1.3.1869 2015/07/03 No
Status Indicator V2 User Interface (UI) Reddeyfish Track and display many internal cooldowns like ability, perks, etc... Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/16 Yes
Xsear's Chat Reloader User Interface (UI) Xsear Reloads chat after a reload ui (/rui) Yes v1.3.1869 2015/05/24 Yes

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