AWOL: The Ferryman

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This is a mission on the Shanty Town Job Board


AWOL Part IV - Captain Abrams' mind appears to be free, but he's not ready to go home. First, and with your help, he will find the madman Charon, and make him pay for the damage he has caused.


  • Meet with Captain Abrams
    • Activate 1 Target
  • Plant Charges on the SIN Hack Crates
    • Activate 5 Targets
    • Eliminate 9 Hostiles
  • Install the Program into the SIN Tower Interface
    • Activate 1 Target
    • Eliminate 5 Hostiles
  • Confront Charon
    • Activate 1 Target
    • Eliminate 11 Melding Creatures
  • Find Captain Abrams
    • Activate 1 Target
    • Eliminate Captain Abrams