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Kearney Transit Hub


Located South-West of Copacabana and South of Nutretic Processing, Trans-Hub Command (level 15) is the new headquarters for the Accord after the crash of the Arclight and one of the 4 Hubs in Coral Forest.

Players that outlevel the area will get a priority job that sends them to Broken Shores.


From the official page[1]

The Trans-Hub Command. Formally known as the Kearney Transit Station, this was once the region’s busiest commercial transit hub, buzzing with the sounds of civilians hustling and bustling to and fro. Now the chorus of domestic life has been all but squelched by the groaning of heavy front loaders moving munitions and the rhythmic cadence of Accord boots striking the tarmac in unison. Within twenty-four hours of having dragged himself ashore from the Arclight wreckage, Admiral Nostromo had declared the Trans-Hub Command as the de facto base of Accord operations for the entire Coral Forest theater of war, making this his personal working headquarters in the conflict against the Chosen. He was quick to identify several beneficial attributes to the location: an established dropship pad, reserved aerial approach lanes, a relatively central location to serve the rest of the region and substantial cargo space to store several thousand metric tons of supplies.
From this base of operations, Admiral Nostromo mulls tactical options on how to best execute a multi-pronged campaign against the Chosen, while concurrently managing the continued salvage efforts of the Arclight. Consequently, Trans-Hub houses the largest cache of battleframes and crystite outside of the Arclight’s broken hold, a fact which has not gone unnoticed by nefarious crime syndicates of the region. Renowned for his tendency to be on the ground and with his troops during operations, the Accord’s top brass struggles to keep the Admiral out of harm’s way. When not planning a military op, he can often be found stewing in his office, monitoring the return of the Aegis from Alpha Prime like a shot clock, as though it also counted down the days remaining to win the war. He remains firm in his convictions that the war can be won and the Earth saved for humanity, despite the cravens and recreants who are eager to abandon the planet.



Other NPCs

  • Consul Nostromo - Leader of the Accord
  • Commodore anabel Mundy - Accord Lead Intelligence Officer
  • Corporal Gavin Butler - Accord Commander
  • Commander Samual Burke - Accord Field Commander
  • Mayor Paulo Silva - Accord Brazilian Consultant
  • Lieutenant Namgung - Dropship Pilot
  • Vitor Martin - Lead Engineer
  • Chief Nigel Lewis - Chief Mechanic
  • Dr. Beatrix Jardin - Head Physician
  • Nurse Franco - Nurse
  • Riptide - Omnidyne Salesperson
  • Ines Belo - Agriculture Liaison
  • Accord Guards

Job Board