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This page was last updated during patch v1.3.1861. The current patch is v1.3.1869.
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Amazon Warzone.png
A section of the Amazon Warzone at night.


The Amazon is a level 40 area located in the Amazon Rainforest that can be accessed by using the Armored Dropship at Stronghold in Devil's Tusk or one of the Melding Fragment Arcfolders. It is designed for squad and platoon play, and requires a large amount of cooperation due to the high number of dangerous enemies.

Core Gameplay

The main focus of The Amazon is to build Melding Repulsors and push back The Melding to uncover more of the map. This is broken up into several distinct actions.

Area Capture

Four types of areas exit in the Amazon: outposts, harvesters, supply depots, and watchtowers. Each is defended and captured from the Chosen in a different way.


Outposts are large bases with SIN Towers and respawn rooms. They are essential to pushing back the Melding, as they act as a staging ground for repulsor building and as a melding repulsor themselves.

  • Capturing an outpost involves destroying all the shield generators in the area to expose the Chosen SIN Tower. After destroying the tower, a SIN uplink beacon must be defended for several minutes before a SIN tower can be placed.
  • Defending an outpost involves killing all nearby Chosen before they can destroy all the shield generators and the SIN tower.


Harvesters extract crystite from the ground, which is essential for the construction of repulsors.

  • Capturing a harvester involves destroying three capture points within the harvester and defending the Accord's own replacement capture points.
  • Defending a harvester involves killing all nearby Chosen before they can destroy the three capture points within the harvester.

Supply Depot

Supply depots provide metal, similar to how harvesters provide crystite. Since metal is also necessary for repulsor construction, supply depots are just as important as harvesters.

  • Capturing a supply depot involves capturing three terminals, one after another, before the lockdown timer reaches zero.

Defending a supply depot involves killing all nearby Chosen before they can interact with all three terminals.


Watchtowers simply function as they do in other parts of the world, providing the same facilities and requiring the same steps to capture or defend as any other watchtower in the game.

Convoy Escort

While harvesters and supply depots provide the materials necessary for repulsor construction, they are not located within an outpost. Thus, MGV convoys carrying the materials must be defended as they make their way between an outpost and nearby harvesters and supply depots. In addition, convoys can run from Valiant Station to the three outposts that do not get covered by Melding.

When a repulsor has been constructed, a convoy carrying the parts must be escorted from the outpost to the deployment location.


Once repulsors have been constructed at an outpost and escorted to their final location, they must be assembled by players and defended while they charge. After all repulsors are fully charged, the Melding is pushed back to reveal more playable area.

Daily Missions

Several sets of daily missions are available in the Amazon. Every day includes one epic mission and three non-epic missions.


Epic dailies grant 100 - 250 Credits on completion, depending on the specific daily.

Tunnel Defense

  • Available on Mondays and Thursdays. Grants 100 credits.
  • The player must retrieve twenty echo reader parts scattered around the area and three deceased scouts.
  • After completing the first two objectives, the player must set up and defend an echo reader for several minutes.

Lair Sweep

  • Available on Tuesdays and Fridays. Grants 100 credits.
  • The player must eliminate nine of each type of hisser, Myrmidon, Matriarch, and Hunter.
  • After eliminating the required number of hissers, the player must find, firebomb, and defend a hisser hive for several minutes.

Muck Raking

  • Available on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Grants 100 credits.
  • The player must retrieve eighty units of salvage from the Horizon crash site.

The Challenge

  • Available on Sundays. Grants 250 credits. Only available if at least one of each type of epic had been completed in the prior week.
  • The player must defeat either The Warmaster, The Replicator, or The Tactician


Non-epic dailies grant 50 credits on completion and come in fixed sets of 3.

Set 1

  • Secure the Infastructure: Secure two harvesters or supply depots.
  • Follow the Smoke Trail: Destroy ten Chosen drop pods.
  • Thin Their Numbers: Kill two hundred Chosen soldiers.

Set 2

  • Keep the Watch: Secure one watchtower.
  • Clear a Path: Clear ten Chosen blockades.
  • Ride the Recoil: Kill thirty Chosen soldiers via headshots.

Set 3

  • Keep on Trucking: Escort three convoys.
  • Heralds of War: Kill forty elite Chosen soldiers.
  • Circle the Wagons: Capture an outpost or defend one from a major attack.

Supply Chests

30 red supply chests are scattered around the Amazon. Finding and interacting with all 30 grants the player the "Genesis" achievement and the Apotheosis ability module.

Associated areas

  • Valiant Station
  • Harvester Liberty
  • Repulsor Outpost Liberty
  • Ataufo Air Base
  • Harvester Ataufo
  • Ataufo Supply Depot
  • Supply Depot Half-Way
  • The Park
  • Harvester The Park
  • Supply Depot The Park
  • F.O.B. Victory
  • Harvester Victory
  • Supply Depot
  • Outpost Phoenix
  • Harvester Phoenix
  • Supply Depot Phoenix
  • Outpost Horizon
  • Harvester Horizon
  • Supply Depot Horizon