Sunken Harbor

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Sunken harbor.png
Sunken Harbor southern entrance


Sunken Harbor (level 18 - 19) is one of the 4 Hubs of Coral Forest and is located in the south east of the area.

Players that outlevel the area will get a priority job that sends them to Stonewall (level 20 - 21)


Prior to the Firefall, Sunken Harbor was the largest industrial port in Brazil. While Sunken Harbor was not directly affected by the meteorites during the Firefall, those that landed in the ocean created tsunamis that devastated coastlines around the world, including Sunken Harbor. Over the years, the old port rotted due to lack of use and maintenance. Despite Sunken Harbor's state of disrepair, locals found that it was a suitable arena for unofficial Holmgang matches. Commissioner Daakernot saw the arena as a chance to make some money, and founded the Sunken Harbor Holmgang Tournament. Over the years, the tournament grew to the point of becoming an official league and a major attraction in New Eden. Even with The Melding and Chosen attacks, Sunken Harbor and its Holmgang matches remain a popular pastime.



Other NPCs

Job Board

Unique Events

PVP Map (disabled)

Due to many Jobs being located inside the PVP-area the PVP-Free For All has been disabled.

Sunken Harbor was the PvP map shown off at PAX East 2011. The central feature of this map is the wreck of the Portuguese treasure galleon Santa Rosa.

Shown playing 5v5 teams, the map seems large enough to support larger teams, but the player cap was undetermined at that point.

This map also showcases all currently known Powerup.