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This page was last updated during patch v0.7.1683. The current patch is v1.3.1869.

This article may be outdated. Please check the Patch Notes for more details.


The Shared Intelligence Network, or 'SIN', is a system of locating enemies and providing their location information to your teammates and allies.

"You use SIN to locate enemies for yourself and your squadmates (think radar/minimap)" - Syrstorm [1].
"SIN encapsulates many different game mechanics. The primary goal of the system is to allow players to collect and share information easily with one another to improve your understanding of what is currently going on. This includes not just enemy identification but covers a great number of game object in the world as well. The triangles that you see above players (ala Tribes 1) are alway s colorized based on YOUR team. Enemies are always red, friendlies always blue. Part of the technology of the game is around SIN manipulation... knowing where your enemies are is half the battle... so doing things to either hide from SIN or actively add other players into SIN creates many fun gameplay moments. You as a player can actively add things to SIN, you can also create other objects in the world that can aid in manipulation. Most of these types of objects are associated with your Army Technology.... and are usable either through Tech Points (locations in the world that you can interact with to create a piece of technology at that location) or Calldowns (your tech, where you need it!) A couple of examples of these types of objects to give you an idea:"
"SIN Towers - line of sight radar towers that automatically adds enemy objects into your teams sin on each pulse. (but since they are LOS you can hide!)"
"SIN Jammer - a deployable that when you place it near you... prevents the enemies from being able to tag you." - Cornboy[2]

In an image uploaded to Twitter by Grummz[3], we see additional explanation of the behavior of a SIN Tower. Finishing the 'SIN Uplink: Copacabana' mission displays the following dialog:

Aero: That's it, we're in. Now we can see all the traffic in this area and receive messages in Copacabana. Open up your map, see the green circle around Copacabana? That's the range of this SIN Tower. The more towers we find, the more of the map we'll uncover. I'm also directly patched into your SIN feed. I can see what you can see.