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Resource Collection is one of the main objectives in Firefall, whether for crafting items, or to provide resources to other players via the in-game marketplace to accumulate credits.

Raw resources are easily gathered by basic gameplay methods outlined here.

Ways to Collect Resources


Thumping for metallic ores, essentially 'mining' them from the ground, is one of the encouraged forms of gameplay. Resources are gained both through successfully returning the thumper (gives metallic ores) and through defeating the various creatures (raw biomaterial) and enemies (salvage) that spawn while the Thumper is active.

Resource Deposits

Silicate node.png

Resource Deposits, or 'nodes' are found randomly in all zones. The region and the color of the node determine the type of ore within it. The amount of resources gathered from a node will depend on the collection method and a bit of luck.

  • Tossing a Sonic Detonator on a node should release the full yield of resources. Smashing a node with a Scan Hammer will give a lesser amount.
  • Nodes always yield one or more types of metallic ore. While aiming at the node, a pop-up should give a hint as to which ore(s) it will yield.
  • Resources released from nodes are instanced loot. When a player breaks the node, the resources are locked to that player's instance, so no other players can collect, or even see the resources it released. When an ARES Squad member breaks a node, the entire squad can both see and collect them, which are then distributed according to the squad's loot-share settings.

ARES Job Rewards

Many hubs feature a Job Board, or a place players can visit to perform simple tasks, like 'quests'. When a job is complete, the player receives a substantial XP reward, Crystite, a copper vending machine token and occasionally some resources.

World Events

Resources can be steadily collected by simply exploring and engaging in World Events such as ARES Mission sites, random encounters with bandits, miniboss encounters, crashed thumpers, and crashed LGVs, and others.

Not all events will give resource rewards, however all completed events will give some XP and a crystite reward.

Melding Tornadoes

Melding tornado.png

While it does fit in with other World Events, when it comes to gathering resources, a Melding Tornado deserves special recognition. Randomly spawning in a zone, these events give crystite and consumable items through destroying shards and melded creatures. However, once the Tornado is defeated, a portal appears, allowing all players that participated to enter.

Once inside, players are transported to one of three 'bubble' zones inside the Melding; Epicenter, Cinerarium or Abyss(based in which zone the tornado appeared, from Coral Forest, Sertao or Devil’s Tusk, respectively).

In these bubble instances, players are challenged to move quickly in order to avoid the collapsing melding walls, fight or evade melded creatures, as well as gather randomly-appearing metallic ores that explode on the ground, all while running to reach the 'exit' portal inside the bubble. The free ores are abundant and globally instanced, therefore visible to all players, so it's truly a competition to see who can gather the metals first.

Supply Crates

Supply crate.png

Throughout the world of Firefall, players will sometimes come across supply crates. The usual type of crate looks like a small box and always contains at least one powerup and some crystite. Randomly, players will also get salvage or one piece of equipment.

Less common is finding a rare supply crate, which oddly looks like a large, hi-tech 'coffin'. Opening one of these will yield powerup, crystite, ores, salvage and one or more pieces of equipment.

Creature Loot

Creatures in Firefall are the non-humanoid or 'animal' NPCs that exist in the world of Firefall and may drop various items, or 'loot' when killed.

Some kills will not yield any loot at all, which is normal. Most often, creature kills will yield a small amount of crystite or a powerup, but may also include raw biomaterials.

Raw Biomaterial loot, such as shell fragments, must be refined at a Molecular Printer station to become useful resources for crafting.

Both raw biomaterials and biomaterials can be sold on the marketplace.

Enemy Loot

Enemies in Firefall constitute the humanoid NPCs that regularly engage the player in combat.

The more powerful or dangerous an enemy is, the more likely they will drop items, and more of them. For instance, a simple Grunt Soldier will usually drop just powerups, crystite and/or chosen technology pieces, but when a Chosen Juggernaut is killed, more loot is likely to appear, such as equipment and Superchargers.

When salvage is picked up, it becomes stored in a player's inventory. To convert it into useful electronics like copper wiring, salvage must be processed directly through the inventory display. After items have been salvaged, the 'payout' is displayed, showing the variety of refined resources, crystite and research points awarded to the player.

Both salvage items and electronics resources can be sold on the Marketplace.

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