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This page was last updated during patch v0.7.1683. The current patch is v1.3.1869.

This article may be outdated. Please check the Patch Notes for more details.
Molecular Printer at Dredge in Sertao


The Molecular Printer, also known as a Crafting Terminal, can be found in most cities and POI's. Watch Towers do not have Printers.

Printers are usually located fairly close to spawn rooms, or near a battleframe garage and battleframe station. The map icon is of a hammer and anvil.

Molecular Printer icon.jpg

(List of hubs that do not have Printers needed here)

Printers have three main functions:

You can learn more about each of those processes by clicking the links above.

Printers use Nanotemplates and Nanoprints to create items. All Printers are connected, so any tasks started in one can be picked up in another when finished.

Multiple tasks can be performed in a Molecular Printer at the same time. For free accounts (non-VIP), you have access to two workbenches at a time, so two tasks can performed simultaneously. For VIP accounts, including the use of VIP tokens, you will gain two extra workbenches, allowing four simultaneous tasks.

Tasks require various amounts of time, some as much as a whole day or more. Red Beans can be used to instantly complete tasks, but this is expensive, and not required if you are willing to wait.

Items that you earn, win or gather in the game will take up inventory slots. Once your slots are full, you cannot pick up most items. It is advisable to always visit a Printer when stopping at a hub to free up some inventory slots by refining certain items. (This is only one of several ways to free up inventory slots).

The most efficient way to refine numerous items you have gathered, is to start with the quickest items first, saving the longer tasks for last. Once you start your final, longer tasks, you can return to the field for more play, while the Printer works in the background.


There are various intermittent visual bugs with the Printer, as well as interface loading bugs. The general rule of thumb when encountering bugs in the game, is to type " /rui " into the chat box to reset the UI. This fixes a large number of issues.

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