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An ARES Job Board


The ARES Job Board (commonly referred to simply as the Job Board) is the main method for players to obtain jobs, or quests, in the game Firefall. Job boards are found in every major Hub throughout New Eden and Devil's Tusk, and the jobs provided are a plentiful source of XP, Crystite and Reputation. They appear as large orange screens with a pair of smaller orange terminals nearby. When a high enough level of Reputation is gained for that area then the player can buy gear items at the local Ares Supplies vendor.

It appears as a Spartan helmet icon on the player's map.

ARES Jobs also help players progress to new hubs on the map, as "Priority" missions appear at certain levels to move players along.

Note: The job Boards are only unlocked once the player has completed the New User Experience.


To use a Job Board, players activate either the board itself or the nearby terminals using their "use" button ('E' by default). This brings up a menu where the player can select one of four available missions, or choose to abandon the mission they currently have active.

Once a job is selected, the player will hear a voice-over, usually either from Aero, a distressed civilian or a fellow member of The Accord. The player then will have to follow a series of waypoints and complete various tasks, such as killing enemies and defending a civilian. The player will then receive payment in the form of crystite, reputation-gain, XP and possibly a loot item.

To be able to start a job the player (or the squadleader) needs to be of the same level as the area that the Job Board is in, squadmembers need to be at least -5 of the area to be able to get rewards from the job (exception here is Dredge where squadmembers need to be at least level 21).

Job Boards by level

Hub/Outpost Level Range
Copacabana 1-5
Northern Shores 6-9
Thump Dump 10-11
Cerrado Plains 12-13
Nutretic Processing 14
Trans Hub Command 15
Broken Shores 16-17
Sunken Harbor 18-19
Stonewall 20-21
Shanty Town 22-24
Dredge 25-27
Andreev Station 28-29
The Nest 30
Forward Operating Base Sagan 31-32
Lab 16 33-34
Tecumseh Airbase 35-36
Forward Operating Base: Harpoon 37-38
Forest Watch 38-39
Crossroads Station 38-39
Camp Jasper 39-40
Kanaloa Research Station 39-40
Stronghold 40