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For a quick introduction, check out Help:Wiki Editing. If you are looking for further help on how to edit a wiki, that can be found here.

Some basic guidelines for editing the wiki:

  • Be nice! The Wiki is a place for information, not attacking anyone. All the rules of the official Firefall community Code of Conduct apply here as well.
  • Check your spelling! This applies to grammar too. Don't worry if you're not an English major, I'm sure people will keep an eye out for fixes like that, but we would like to keep the standard of quality pretty high.
  • Link to official references! We have a 'Speculation' template that should be put in place on all pages that have not been confirmed by an official site. If you do have confirmation of a piece of information, use a < ref > tag to link to it

Other than that, have fun! This is a community wiki, by fans for fans. It's going to be as awesome as you make it.

Feel free to message me (Polarity) or any of the other Wiki admins with any questions you might have.