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From the official page[1]:

The Engineer-class battleframe specializes in providing battlefield support through resupplying allies and setting up defensive perimeters. Machine gun turrets and energy barriers are only the tip of the iceberg for this resourceful class of battleframes.

Engineer-class battleframes all have average base movement speed, on par with Assault and Biotech battleframes.

Engineer Variations

General Strengths

  • Engineers are both a tactical and a defensive powerhouse, depending on ability set up. A tactician can use the Engineer's Claymores, Charged Pulse Generators, and Supply Stations to constantly deny access to large areas of terrain, and supplementing it with the Sticky Grenade Launcher makes even walking a few feet a deadly act for an enemy.
  • On top of that, defensively they can use Heavy Turrets and Deployable shields to both suppress the enemy and make sure that they, and any friendies or objectives, don't take as many bullets as they normally do.
  • As well as this, Electrons can further augment the tactical approach with Overclocking Station, the Bulwark, and Boomerang Shot, giving them the ability to, respectively, overcharge any allies, shield them from damage, and wreck havoc on clustered enemies.
  • Bastions, on the other hand, using the Multi Turrets, Energy Wall, and Sentinel Pod, can, as the namesake suggests, lock down and hold off entire waves of enemies with drone warfare, and even block narrow passages completely. (At least temporarily anyways.)

General Weaknesses

  • Engineers, despite having a diverse set of skills and abilities, cannot press an offensive as well as any other class.
  • Their dependability on deployables hinders their effective mobility, and while it can be offset by the use of purely defensive skills such as the Energy Wall, Deployable Shield, and Claymores, they still cannot move on targets as fast as other classes.

Additional Notes

Engineer's are the tactician's battleframe of choice, and with a dizzying array of abilities that can do many things, it's hard to pick just three. For starters, you're going to want to visualize what 'playstyle' you're wanting. Do you want to 'build your friends' and place down as many turrets as you place? Or are you more of the anti-social type, and want to surround yourself in high explosives? Or, perhaps, you don't wish to do either, and want to rush in with the squad, and support them through mild firepower and deployable cover? In any case, the Engineer is one of the most versatile frame groups, with abilities and weapons to cater to just about every need.



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