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From the official page[1]:

Dreadnaught-class battleframes are known throughout New Eden for their unrivaled ability to take a pounding. But they give as good as they can take, with large, powerful weaponry designed to slice through enemy combatants.

Dreadnaught-class battleframes all have below-average base movement speed. The Accord Dreadnaught and Rhino battleframes can be categorized as slow, while the Mammoth battleframe is even slower.

Dreadnaught Variations

General Strengths

  • Dreadnaughts take on the role of tank units that take the enemies blows for his teammates. It is recommended that Dreadnaughts focus on upgrading their heavy armor and repluser ability.

General Weaknesses

  • While strong dreadnaughts often are slow and deal relatively low damage and also draw the enemy's fire(hence tank unit).

Additional Notes


  1. http://www.firefallthegame.com/en/battleframes

An overview of all the Dreadnaught Battleframes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOR2PjLQY3E

Assault Accord Assault - Firecat - Tigerclaw
Biotech Accord Biotech - Dragonfly - Recluse
Dreadnaught Accord Dreadnaught - Arsenal - Mammoth - Rhino
Engineer Accord Engineer - Bastion - Electron
Recon Accord Recon - Nighthawk - Raptor