Devil’s Tusk

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This page was last updated during patch v1.3.1859. The current patch is v1.3.1869.
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Devil’s Tusk is a melding pocket deep in the melding and is what is left of Hawaii. It can be accessed by using the Armored Dropship at Tecumseh Airbase or one of the Melding Fragment Arcfolders. The area shows a mostly volcanic active landscape and creatures suited for survival in a high temperature environment.

The Accord took Devil's Tusk back from the chosen during an hours long battle to activate several Melding Repulsors. This battle now takes place in the replayable platoon size Warfront raid launched from a stationary Dropship in Stronghold.

Note: entering the dropship will start Operation Cinderblock first and players need to be level 37 to start it. However, if players use the arcporters in Coral Forest then the Operation gets by-passed, that way anybody can enter DT.



Gaea Creatures

Melded Creatures



Dynamic Events


Part of the Accord's first forays into the Melding, Devil’s Tusk is located in what was once the Hawaiian Isles but is now a desolated molten wasteland...

Associated areas

  • The Caldera
  • Ashlands
  • New and West Honolulu
  • Chosen Land