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This page was last updated during patch v1.1.1802r0. The current patch is v1.3.1869.
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Birds' eye view of Copacabana


Copacabana, often times abbreviated to simply 'Copa', is a human settlement and one of the 4 Hubs in Coral Forest. It is located on the coast of Brazil, North by North West of Mossoro in the province of Rio Grand do Norte.

Copacabana is the first Hub that players are dropped into when starting the game. The first tutorial missions are all within range of the Copacabana SIN Tower.

Players that outlevel the area (1-5) will get a priority job at the Job Board that sends them to Northern Shores (level 6-9).



Other NPCs

  • Commander Winston Price - Accord Commander
  • Mayor Teobalde Palmeiro - Mayor of Copacabana
  • Jose Vargas - Government Adjutant
  • Corporal Dean Winter - Accord Representative
  • Ratchet
  • Spicy Al - Master Chef
  • Indra Rodrigues - Leader of the Falcons
  • Alex Sundal -Kisoton Salesperson
  • Joana Medeiros - Omnidyne Salesperson
  • Accord Guards
  • Maintenance Engineers

Job Board