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This page was last updated during patch v1.0.1797. The current patch is v1.3.1869.
This article may be outdated. Please check the Patch Notes for more details.


Assault-class battleframes are designed to balance both offensive and defensive capabilities in an all-in-one chassis. They utilize different types of plasma cannons and use their balance of speed, maneuverability, firepower, and defense to deliver an even-keeled attack.

"Speed is the essence of war. Take advantage of the enemy’s unpreparedness." -Sun Tzu

Assault-class battleframes all have an average base movement speed, on par with Biotech and Engineer battleframes. Many frame operators make this their first frame to master, since there is no better battleframe with as much overall versatility as the Assault. Covering main aspects of mobility and damage, it provides any ARES operative a perfect introduction to combat and the vast world of Firefall.

The Assault armor provides the user with a moderate amount of armor and mobility that balances itself depending on the abilities and modules chosen. You can choose to focus on Area of Effect Firepower or direct hit damage and mobility, or find the perfect balance of both.

The primary weapon of the assault battleframe is the Plasma Cannon. An inductive magnetic field channels and accelerates plasma at the enemy, detonating with explosive force at the point of impact. The Plasma Cannon can vary by type, depending on the variant of Assault the ARES operator chooses - Currently the choices include the standard Plasma Cannon for the Accord Assault, the Fusion Cannon for the Tigerclaw variation and the Thermal Cannon for the Firecat variation.

A well piloted assault battleframe is very hard to kill. Capable of soaking up a lot of damage and dishing out a punishing payback, this popular frame will always have a place in every operator’s loadout.

Assault Variations

General Strengths

  • Good from close to somewhat long range combat
  • Weapon AOE does not affect allies or equipment
  • The arc of the plasma cannon shot can allow for some interesting trajectory shots against opponents

General Weaknesses

  • The plasma cannon AOE can damage yourself, so be careful of ultra close-range combat
  • Because of the travel time of the shot, hitting moving long-range targets with the plasma cannon can be difficult. At a long enough range, in PvP most players will simply be able to dodge it. Due to this, the Assault Rifle secondary weapon is recommended to give you some better long-range accuracy.
  • Flying targets such as Culex may be hard to hit with the Plasma cannon, due to the frame's focus on AOE damage, even more so at long ranges.

Additional Notes

The Assault frame is a general all-around brawler. It has mid-range base health for the frames, and its Plasma Cannon is a decent AOE weapon making the Assault class the most capable of taking on groups of enemies and firing effectively while running. The overall DPS output of the battleframes at least when it comes to a single target is rather similar, with the Plasma Cannon being in the high damage per shot, low rate of fire realm. Its ammo capacity is equivalently set up, with a lower number of rounds per clip and rounds stored. The secondary fire option seems to be a shotgun-like blast that is devastating in close range combat.

The Assault's plasma cannon is capable of obtaining the headshot damage bonus, though this will likely be very rare in regular gameplay.

The Assault's base Special Abilities are as follows:

  • Overload: A passive that increases the damage and rate of fire of the primary weapon.
  • Afterburner: This ability grants the user a brief burst of speed, thrusting them forward at high speed in the current direction. This ability can have multiple charges.
  • Crater: Following a short jump into the air, the battleframe slams into the ground, sending out a large shockwave and dealing damage. Note that the damage of this skill increases when used from greater heights.
  • Burn Jets: Capable of being activated mid-air, Burn Jets overload your jumpjets and cause them to spew fire for a duration, burning all enemies below you.
  • Bombs Away: Deploys a barrage of bombs, damaging targets in the area of effect.
  • HKM-Shockwave: The Battleframe sends out a net-like energy wave, which passes through enemies and deals large amounts of damage.


An overview of all the Assault Battleframes:

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Biotech Accord Biotech - Dragonfly - Recluse
Dreadnaught Accord Dreadnaught - Arsenal - Mammoth - Rhino
Engineer Accord Engineer - Bastion - Electron
Recon Accord Recon - Nighthawk - Raptor